Episode 4 - The Future of Big Tech (Transcription)

How will Big Tech companies: specifically Amazon, Google, Apple, Facebook, Netflix, and Microsoft, evolve over the next 10-20 years?

• Already, Amazon is becoming the backbone of the US economy. 
• Google has released the most sophisticated machine voice intelligence the world has ever known. 
• Apple is making technology so advanced and seamless that it's becoming invisible. 
• Netflix is growing so fast and creating so much content for everything that it's about to surpass Disney, a nearly 100 year old company. 
• Facebook is bringing everyone online and creating a virtual world not unlike 'The Oasis.' 
• Microsoft is surprising everyone with their unique take on quantum computing.

What will become of these tech giants? Find out on Episode 4 of Hence, The Future! 

Justin and Mattimore will also announce which 3 tech companies they believe are best prepared for the future. We'll also explore the worst case, best case, and most likely scenario, as always.

We hope you enjoy!

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Justin Clark
Episode 3 - The Future of Happiness (Transcription)

Do you think people in general are becoming happier over time? ☀️

On the one hand, the standard of living has improved substantially around the globe.

On the other hand, we are facing fierce challenges such as income inequality, technology-related anxiety, global climate change, and the prospect of source of meaning (jobs) being taken away by machines.

What can we learn from the happiest countries in the world? What can we learn from the unhappiest? And how should we optimize our own lives for maximum happiness and fulfillment?

Find out on today's episode: "The Future of Happiness!"

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Justin Clark
Episode 2 - The Future of Intelligence (Transcription)

What does the future of intelligence look like? 🧠🤖

Well, if we continue to make any progress whatsoever, machines will eventually be smarter than humans. So it's not a question of IF machines will be smarter than humans, but WHEN!

“The power of AI lays dormant in machines just like the power of nuclear weapons lay dormant in the atom” - Nick Bostrom

2040 is the median year that researchers predict machines will achieve "human-level general intelligence;" however, there are many ways that this could take form... Cyborgs, Oracles, and AI Overlords are just a few possibilities. We could find ours living in a utopia, a dystopia, or somewhere in between.

Human intelligence will continue to improve as well. We are already figuring out how to modify our own genetic code, and how to add a digital layer via brain machine interfaces.

In Episode 2 we explore all these topics and more as we determine the best case, the worst case, and the most likely scenario for the future of intelligence.

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Justin Clark