Episode 4 - The Future of Big Tech (Transcription)

How will Big Tech companies: specifically Amazon, Google, Apple, Facebook, Netflix, and Microsoft, evolve over the next 10-20 years?

• Already, Amazon is becoming the backbone of the US economy. 
• Google has released the most sophisticated machine voice intelligence the world has ever known. 
• Apple is making technology so advanced and seamless that it's becoming invisible. 
• Netflix is growing so fast and creating so much content for everything that it's about to surpass Disney, a nearly 100 year old company. 
• Facebook is bringing everyone online and creating a virtual world not unlike 'The Oasis.' 
• Microsoft is surprising everyone with their unique take on quantum computing.

What will become of these tech giants? Find out on Episode 4 of Hence, The Future! 

Justin and Mattimore will also announce which 3 tech companies they believe are best prepared for the future. We'll also explore the worst case, best case, and most likely scenario, as always.

We hope you enjoy!

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Justin Clark